Doctor Who 2005 Season 3 *Spoilers*

New companions, new and old enemies, new adventures, the doctor is always busy! As said in my first doctor who post, I first didn’t liked Rose at all. After two season I kind of accepted her. Anyway, I wasn’t that upset when Rose was gone.

doctor who season

doctor who third season

First again something from the current season. It’s the small Children In Need clip. It’s just a build-up for the up coming ‘End Of Time’-special. It contains spoilers!


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Now back to the third season. Can it top the excellent second season? What about the new companions? What is there to explore, fix, fight for the last Time Lord?

The Runaway Bride (Christmas Special 2006)

The first time the Doctor meets Donna Noble, which is played by Catherine Tate. Donna suddenly appears out of nowhere in the TARDIS. It’s her wedding and she isn’t exactly happy to be kidnapped by the Doctor’s Spaceship. At the end of the episode they have to fight one of the Doom-3-Bosses 😉


Smith And Jones (S03E01)

A whole hospital is brought to the moon by rhino-like police-aliens. The ‘space-police’ is looking for a blood-sucking evil alien. Of course, the Doctor is also in this hospital and meets there Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). After clearing up the case, Martha joins the Doctor. Yeah, a smart, gorgeous companion, can I ask for anything more?

smith and jones

smith and jones

Gridlock (S03E03)

A traffic-jam you’re stuck in for years. What a brilliant idea! Certainly a nightmare of every driver. I really like this episode, because it’s about something we experience every day. Just way over the top.


Daleks In Manhattan (S03E04), Evolution of The Daleks (S03E05)

A Doctor Who episode in America which is quite unusual. This time the Daleks are involved in constructing the Empire State Building. No, they haven’t discovered architecture, but yet another master-plan to conquer the universe.


42 (S03E07)

Finally the doctor tells us the question! If he doesn’t, he saves at least some people from falling into a star with their spaceship. And believe me, it’s not a usual star like our sun.


Human Nature (S03E08), The Family of Blood (S03E09)

The Doctor put his ‘Time-Lord-ness’ into a watch and becomes a human. With being a human he tries to escape some head-hunters. Martha is the only one who knows that and has to ‘babysit’ him. A cool episode where once the Doctor isn’t the all-knowing genius.

human nature

human nature

Blink (S03E10)

BEST FUCKING EPISODE of season 3. It’s just concentrated awesomeness put into 40 minutes of television. This episode is just jaws dropping incredible. The story, the mystery, the twists, there’s no way to do it better. It’s my favorite episode of the whole Doctor Who 2005 series so far!


Utopia (S03E11), The Sound of Drums (S03E12), Last of the Time Lords (S03E13)

Everything starts with Jack Harkness (companion, leader of Torchwood) holding onto the TARDIS. He hopes that the Doctor could explain what happened to him at the end of season one. Then our little group lands very far in the future, too far. There they find an old professor trying to save some of the last humans. Strangely enough, this professor has the same watch the doctor used to loose his Time-Lord-ness. Who could that be? Anyway, quite a finish with those three episodes. However, I don’t like the ending. It’s like the writers maneuvered the story so deep into a dead end, that they had no good idea how to escape out of it.

vote saxon

vote saxon


So, thats my ‘review’ of the third season. Again a wonderfull season where the Blink-episode rises the bar for brilliant Dochtor Who episodes.

As in my earlier posts, a trailer of season 3 for the reasonable people who don’t watch any television =)

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 2005 Season 3 *Spoilers*

  1. Abbas

    I miss the good old days when Dr. Who was still brilliant. It seems the show has lost its charm now. I love these cartoon trailers though 😀 Just glad I didn’t actually see them before I saw the episodes. Spoilers make me very very angry lol.