Trailers of Doctor Who, Being Human and Survivors

Ok, lots of trailers of some of my favorite shows. It going to be a wonderful tv-year.

Doctor Who Series 5

First, my favorite sci-fi series Doctor Who. (blog post about season 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5).  Trailer for series 5:


Being Human Season 2

Then my favorite super-natural comedy-drama (blog post): Trailer for season 2: 


Even a clip from the first episode…I could resist despite the spoiler-danger…=(


Survivor Season 2

And to end this post, a more serious drama: Survivors (blog post). Trailer for Season 2

2 thoughts on “Trailers of Doctor Who, Being Human and Survivors

  1. tobi

    doctor who series 5 trailer: doctor punching people, weeping angels, running & jumping, vampires, daleks, kissing – all not bad, but i hate his “geronimo”