Fixing Youtube on Opera

Yesterday evening I spend some time watching videos on YouTube. Everything worked fine as expected. But suddenly I got this error:

Not a single YouTube worked anymore. So I cleaned the cache, cookies etc (you never know). Still didn’t work. Tried on another Opera installation, still didn’t work. The only thing that worked were embedded YouTube-videos. So I started looking for a solution.

Luckily there is one, found here. It works by adding a user javascript.

  1. Store this script below somewhere. For example “C:\\Users\\YourUser\\Documents\\Opera\\YouTubeFix”
  2. Right-Click on the Youtube-Site, choose “Site preferences”.
  3. Switch to the Tab “Scripting” and point the ‘”User JavaScript Folder” to the location where the script is. For example “C:\\Users\\YourUser\\Documents\\Opera\\YouTubeFix”.
  4. Enjoy YouTube =)

I really hope that YouTube fixes this issue soon.

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