First Aid Kit

I’ve finally bought First Aid Kit‘s debut album ‘The Big Black and The Blue’ and the EP ‘Drunken Trees’ after I’ve spend hours listening to their songs on YouTube. First Aid kit is a sister duo from Sweden. Their music are mostly wonderful, simple folk-pop songs. I really love their music.

I recommend to buy both, the album ‘The Big Black and The Blue’ and the ‘Drunken Trees EP’. Nearly each song is beautiful and shouldn’t be missing in your collection. And also no song is on both recordings. You can buy both online on the iTunes store, 7 digital and other shops.

Be aware that there are three different bands called First Aid Kit. This can be quite confusing.

There are lot of songs available on YouTube. There’s the First Aid Kit-channel,  some videos are on the Wichita Recordings channel and other channels. A few examples:

First Aid Kit – Our Own Pretty Ways:

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer:

First Aid Kit – Heavy Storm:

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