Athena: Goddess of War

Shortly after the events of Iris a new thread arises. South Korea is developing a new generation of nuclear reactors which outperform existing ones by an order of magnitudes. However this development in threatened by terrorists. Especially the brain behind the reactor Dr. Kwon is in danger. The job of NTS (National Anti-Terror Service) is to protect this nuclear development program against those threats. So we follow the NTS around the world defending the project against the shadowy terror organization Athena.

Athena: Goddess of War ( Wikipedia, AsiaMediaWiki, Hancinema) is a spin off / sequel to Iris. Unfortunately it is not as good as Iris. Mainly cause the story is generic and very blend. Therefore it never reaches the intensity and tension of its predecessor. What’s left is an average action thriller which doesn’t stand out of the masses. I don’t want to elaborate more details, because it will end in a list of short comings compared to Iris. So, watch Iris because it much better. Watch Athena only if you need filler and like Iris.

Now the some comments about the cameos (*tiny spoilers*): First the cameo of BoA as herself. Well that was somehow random. Why the hell should terrorist hide their stuff in the stage equipment of BoA? I mean all the security and people around her surely don’t help? Furthermore the main character, Jung-woo, and BoA then just hang out together for like one episode. That felt like they just shoehorned that story arc in there to give more screen time to BoA.

The second thing is the reappearance of Seon-hwa, my favorite character of Iris. They bring her back to just kill off  their family. There’s no further involvement of her in the story. That’s just pointless. Unless it’s supposed to be setup for a sequel and Seon-hwa goes on a revenge rampage there. That would be AWESOME!

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarempty-starempty-star (3/5)


Again I couldn’t find any trailers with sub titles, strange no? I also included my favorite song from the sound track.

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