200 Posts, Yeah!

Yeah, this my 200th blog post. Back when I started this blog back in 2007 I certainly didn’t anticipate that it will survive this long. However I’m still posting, on average around 4 posts a month. I’m sooo proud of myself =).

200 posts party

200 posts party

My Favorite Posts

First let’s take a look at the past. Here are some of my favorite posts from the top of my mind.

  • The Dollhouse Review: Simply because I started stick figure ‘cartoons’ with this post (I believe?). Not that these cartoons are particular funny, but at least they lighten up the dry content a little. This is actually one of my better cartoons, ‘cause it portrays this TV show well =).
  • The Wire Season 4-5: This is one of the rare posts where I drastically corrected my rating for a TV show. The Wire is AWESOME.
  • db4o, The Basics: I still think this blog post series is one of the most fun introductions to db4o =).
  • The Doctor Who posts, like the review of the 2005 series. Way to many stick figure cartoons about this crazy TV series.

My Favorite Stick Figure Comics

I did so many stick figure drawings for this blog I can’t remember all of them. Anyway, here are some of my favorites.

This one is for the review of Secret Agent Miss Oh. I like the simplicity of it. Just a few ‘emotions’, done. Nevertheless it’s still great impression of the main character of that show =):

The Talents of Miss Oh

Many of the Doctor Who cartoons are cool. Therefore I just pick one of those cartoons:

Dr Whe vs Futurama

Dr Whe vs Futurama

I did cool strips for many technical articles. I picked one of the most recent ones here, the Approval Testing one. I love approval testing, I love Portal 2 and this comic combines them:

Approval Testing in Portal 2

Approval Testing in Portal 2

Future Directions

Let me introduce my 5 year plan for this blog… ;). No of course there is no real plan what I do here. I will keep writing about technical- and medial stuff. I sometime think about spitting those topics into two distinct blogs, since they have a very different audience. However I’m probably too lazy to do that =).

Probably there will be a little less TV series reviews, since I spend more time on other things like my mixtapes. Yeah, listen to them on Soundcloud (only the latest) or Mixcloud (all of them) *shameless self promotion*.

That’s it…

…for now =). Subscribe to this blog, Twitter, Soundcloud etc =). Now I’ve spread enough praise. Let’s hope for many more read-worthy posts.

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3 thoughts on “200 Posts, Yeah!

  1. juliaL49

    Glückwunsch und weiter so 🙂

    Die Strichmännchen sind echt toll und ein Alleinstellungsmerksmal und die solltest du fest in deinem nicht vorhandenen 5-Jahres-Plan integrieren 🙂

  2. Alex

    W00H00! Congrats on 200 posts. I loved the Dollhouse Review. Your little sketches are just adorable.