Annoying Void in C# / Java / alike

One thing which regularly annoys me in C# and Java is the void type. Basically the void type is not a subtype of object, which makes it giant. Now when you write something which accepts a function as an argument you need two version: A version which accepts a function which returns something and a version which accepts a ‘void-returning’-function (the Action delegates in C#).

Void Is Not Cool Enough

Void Is Not Cool Enough

In my code I often end up doing something like this:

That’s just boilerplate which I really don’t need. In many other languages, for example Scala, this is handled more elegantly. The void-type (often called Unit) is a regular type. And void/unit values just represent ‘void/unit‘:

Yes, I know, it’s not the end of the (programming) world. There are tons of other issues which lead to more boiler-plate. Anyhow, it is such a little thing and still so god damn annoying. God help us that no new programming includes the same little weakness =).

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