Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Boy meets Girl…trouble and fun…fall in love…yada yada yada …

Ramyun, yummie

Ramyun, yummie

Yes, Boy Ramyun Shop doesn’t need a plot description, it is a cliché driven romantic-comedy. I mean really cliché driven. This show goes along with every cheesy and formula plot point. Basically our two main characters first meet in an ‘accident’-situation. Later on they meet again in a more permanent situation. They argue and hate each other, but can’t really let go of each other and fall in love. Finally they live happily ever after. Oooooooohhhh, how cute.

Given this kind of show, there are countless cheesy and silly scenes. The characters are mostly naïve and fulfill some stereotype. Additionally there is a tons of overacting. Especially the lead actress overacts the shit out of her role. When you think this isn’t enough, they sometimes add small cartoon animations and comic-sound effects to underline scenes. All in all, it is way over the top.

This all sounds negative, and it kind of is. However I nevertheless love ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’. For me it has the exact right balance of ‘over-the-topless’, silliness, foreseeable jokes and enjoyable badness. It is somewhat a guilty pleasure. What makes this show it work for me are the likable characters. I liked all characters, including the ‘asshole’-characters. I don’t mind stereotype characters as long as I enjoy them =).

Can I recommend it? Rationally: NO WAY. Had I fun watching it? HELL YES. It’s one off the funniest series I’ve watched for quite a long time. I think this series has a sharp line between being liked and hated. If you like over-the-top stuff, watch the first (half) episode and decide. Or maybe your already put off by the scenes I’ve liked below =)

Rational-Star-O-Meter: starstarempty-starempty-starempty-star (2/5)
Enjoyment-Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)


Trailers: Again, there are no good trailers around =(

Dead-boring English subtitled trailer:

Super silly over the top scene. No subtitles, but gives a better impression. (Well, there are also normal scenes =) ):