Ijon Tichy 시리즈 2기 / Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot 2nd Series

(More clear English Version below)
전 다시 2기 시리즈 얘기해서 죄송해요 (여기 낡은 글이에요). 새로운 스리즈를 애기할 거예요. 약속해요. Ijon Tichy는 독일 공상 과학 코미디예요. 덕일 SF-시리즈 안 많아서 이 시리즈 희귀한 장르예요.

소파 싸우기 힘들어요

소파 싸우기 힘들어요

Ijon Tichy의 스타일 보이는 게 매우 희귀하는데 모든 외계인 가구로 만들었어요. 어느 외계인 램프이고, 어느 외계인 소파에요, 그래서 이 스타일 너마 멋져요. 이 스타일은 80년대에 비싼 SF-시리즈처럼 보여요. Ijon Tichy를 만드는 사람은 너마 상상이 진짜 많아요. 저는 다른 시리즈가 그 스타일처럼 몰라요.

Ijon Tichy의 미친 이야기는 재미있어요. Ijon Tichy씨가 시간 여행하고, 이상한 것들을 만들고, 새로운 행성 가고, 새로운 외계인 만나요.

Ijon Tichy에는 다 사람들이 독일어 잘 못 말해요. 스타 워즈의 요다처럼 말해요. 근데 Halluzinelle씨만 독일어 잘 말하는데. 저는 독일어 잘 못 말하는 게 별로 안 좋아해요.

2기 시리즈로 새로운 이야기 있고, 새로운 Ijon Tichy의 친구 있고, 나쁜 사람 있어요. 그리고 스타일이랑 유머 변화하지 않았어요.

Ijon Tichy는 영어-자막 없는 갓 같아요 =(. 근데 유투브에 시리즈 2기 제 2화 영어-자막으로 있어요.

제 평가: starstarstarhalf-starempty-star (3.5/5)

여기 트레일러거 독일어로 있어요:

Ok, again a small update to an already reviewed series. Sorry for that. I promise to write about new series. Anyway, Ijon Tichy is a German Sci-Fi comedy series, which is a very rare thing.

Fighting Sofas is tiring

Fighting Sofas is tiring

Ijon Tichy lives from its unique visual style. Everything is made of everyday items, mostly furniture. For example aliens are lamps, sofas or something like that. This style is just awesome. It looks on purpose like a cheap 80s Sci-Fi series. The guys who make this series really have a lot fantasy. I personally don’t know any other series with this kind of style.

The stories are crazy and fun. Ijon Tichy, the hero, does all kinds of crazy shit like time travel, built strange things, go to new planets and meet new aliens.

Ijon Tichy himself and all people/aliens in this series talk in bad German. It sounds a bit like Yoda. Except the ‘Halluzinelle’ hologram, which speaks perfectly normal. I don’t really like this bad German talking, but can tolerate it.

The 2nd series has a new story, some new friends for Tichy and new bad guys. The style and the humour are a kept like the in first series.

Unfortunately there are no English subtitles around for Ijon Tichy. At least on Youtube there are two episodes of the old series with English subtitles available.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarhalf-starempty-star (3.5/5) (Yep, I increased it for the second series)

Finally, the German trailer:

One thought on “Ijon Tichy 시리즈 2기 / Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot 2nd Series

  1. Tracy

    Yes, I wondered why Ijon’s german was so bizarre. I thought that maybe it was some wierd dialect. No, thats not it. Ijon is speaking German the way a russian does. THat makes sense too, Russians are famous for really messing up english and german grammer. For example, taking the definite article “THE” off the noun. (Ijon does this with “der/die/das” all the time.)Also, making up words the wrong way, like Ijon does with “Frechischkeit”. (it should be “freckheit” in german.) If it were in english, he’d probibly say “impertinenc-ity’. So, thats the running joke there. BTW, i like season 2 a little better than season one as well. That little stoaway guy is funny.

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