K-Pop Remixers which I Like: Areia, DJ Amaya, Epitone

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People who often listen to my mix tapes already know these remixes. Because I often include the remixes of these artists. Without these remixes I probably never had started listening to KPop. I started listening to KPop remixed and then slowly started to listen to regular KPop after a while. Nowadays I quite often listen to KPop. However still like the remixes more.

Areia, Amaya and Epitone at work

Areia, Amaya and Epitone at work


So, Areia is a greek guy, but lives now in Seoul as far as I know. His remixes are extremely well done and fun. Although newer remixes are better than the older ones. Nowadays Areia seems pretty busy, so he creates less remixes. But he still creates new ones sometimes. You can get his remixes on his website.

Here some examples:

DJ Amaya

DJ Amaya creates a ton of KPop and JPop remixes. I can believe how many remixes he creates. Sometimes he creates a remix every week. DJ Amayas ‘Meet KPop 2’ and ‘Meet KPop 3’ are still my most loved KPop remix compilation. You can find his remixes on his website.

Here some examples:
NS Yoon-G – The Reason I Became A Witch:

Namie Amuro – Go Round:


Epitone is also a remix creator, who’s remixes I really like. You can find his stuff on his website as well.

There Are More Remixers

There are many more remixers out there and therefore many good remixes available. But I cannot introduce all. So I just introduces the ones I know the longest. If you want to find more KPop remixes, just go to Youtube and start search for it.

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