Mystery and Fantasy Series: The Fades

(이 블로그 글이 한국어로 저기에 있어요)
The Fades is a Britisch Mystery and Fantasy Series, which aired recently on BBC3. In this series Paul, the main character, is often tormented by nightmares, which even get worse and worse. And he’s an outsider, even his own sister doesn’t like him. Mac his his only friend. One day Paul meets Neil, who’s telling him that he’s an Angelic and has super powers. The Angelics protect the world and fight the evil things out there. And recently the souls of the dead cannot ascend and other strange things are going on. The help of Paul is desperately needed. But Paul isn’t sure if he really wants to help.

슈퍼 퍼워로 뭘 하기 몰라요

슈퍼 퍼워로 뭘 하기 몰라요

I really like The Fades and think that it is fun. The story is good, the actors and special effects decent. I really like the atmosphere and tone, especially the horror movie like parts. There one thing I didn’t really like, and that’s Paul, the main character. His so insecure and he’s a whiny person. He never got my sympathy. Also I never could believe that Paul and Mac are geeks. Mac’s movie quotes are too old and out of place, to believe that his character is a teenager.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Fades, so I can recommend it if you like this kind of show.

Star-O-Meter: starstarstarstarempty-star (4/5)

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