Fun with Clojure & AWS: A windows box in a Minute

Update: I stopped the demo server for ths project =).

You are on your shiny Mac, Tablet, *nix and just need a Windows box for a minute to try something out? Setting up a Virtual Machine takes time and you have to download a Windows image witch is a few Gigabytes. Grr.

Just needed Windows for a Minute

Just needed Windows for a Minute gives you a remote Windows box in a minute. You have full admin rights there. You can go wild =).

Sorry, Only an Experiment.

I didn`t work? It is offline? Yeah…sorry, it is only a experiment. I don`t plan to work on it much more.
I started this a long, long time ago, as a small project to learn Clojure. Well, I used Clojure for many things, while this project kind of stalled out.
Anyway, it is up for a short while =).



Source & Tech shoutouts

The source is on Github.
This thing is possible due to some cool libraries:

  • Amazonica for talking to AWS.
  • The Guacomole HTML5 RDP library. It gives a HTML5 RDP implementation, so that you can access a windows box from you`re web browser.
  • AWS for the raw computing power, windows images, https frontend etc.
  • The usual working horses, Jetty, Logback, Ring and all other open source libraries I forgot =)
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